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      The biotech industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century, the breakthroughs of which is generating a new round of industrial revolution. With vigorous support of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Guangdong Provincial People’s Government【More】
      Undergoing rapid development, the biotech industry of Dongguan has established a modern biopharmaceutical industry system with complete category, advanced technology and superior quality, and a number of pharmaceutical brands. Famous enterprises like HEC Pharm, Zhongsheng Pharmacy......【More】
      1, Venue Leasing Project
      Preliminary Negotiation-> Submit Venue Leasing Project Investment Proposal ...
      2, Land Purchase Project
      Preliminary Negotiation -> Submit Land Purchase Project Investment Proposal ...
      Incubation Center
      Situated within the Cross-Straits Biotech Industry Cooperation Base, the Dongguan-Taiwan Biotech Collaborative Incubation Center has a gross floor area of 150,000 square meters and 11 standard workshop buildings....【More】

      Diversified Businesses